Downtown Wanderlust

Before Reading Week started, I asked one of my friends, Sarah, to take me to her favourite places downtown. I’ve been wanting to brush up on my photography skills because it was starting to get a little rusty, but I needed a cause. And a day downtown with a friend who is also into photography was just the perfect day to do so.

First stop: Sonic Boom. Apparently one of the scenes from Scott Pilgrim vs The World was shot in this record store.

I was getting really hungry so for our second stop, Sarah and I headed to Sneaky Dee’s. Everyone’s been telling me to eat at this place.

Yes, their walls are covered with graffiti.

Their washrooms looked really sketchy, but I have to say, it was entertaining to read the graffitis while peeing.

A few minutes after I came back from my washroom break, our food came. We ordered THE DESTROYER.

Of course, an Instagram post of our food was mandatory. On that note, check out Sarah's Instagram @xprofxavierx

Third stop...

Kensington Market!

I want a dreamcatcher for my room. :(

Our fourth stop was Sarah’s favourite comic book store. It’s literally a house and is located in a narrow alley.

When you find a spot as good as this one, there’s really only one thing to do: do a photo shoot!

My photographer for the day <3

So hardcore with her half-shaved head.

Early Bird was our last stop for the day. We needed to rest because our feet were sore from all the walking we did.

Cappuccinos and Sarah’s newly bought comic books.

We decided to walk around more before we went back home.

A little boost of encouragement that Sarah and I found on the way.

As we were waiting for the streetcar to come, this pup was staring at me as if it wanted me to take a picture of him. So I did.

It was a tiring but very adventurous day for me. I’ve been wanting to see more of the city, other than the “tourist” spots. And my wish was granted all thanks to Sarah! There were more places that we wanted to go to but a day was simply not enough. So I’m counting on Sarah to hang out with me more!


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