New York 2014: Day 2

For our 2nd day in the Big Apple, Fumika and I both thought that it would be chill and slow because we didn't have a lot planned for this day. Or so we thought. Read on to know all about it!

We were off to 74th Street to visit Ikuma's school and see him practice their dance for their show. Fumika and I were talking too much on the subway that we missed our stop. Ended up in 59th Street. This is us waiting for the subway to take us north (again).

Just had to use my ninja photography skills.

Beacon Theatre!

Not really sure why their pictures were there, but I'm assuming they either have performed or will perform soon in this theatre.

Walked around before meeting Ikuma.

 Came across this small book store. The store may be small, but it sure has a lot of books.

The School of Steps! It's such a bummer that photography was not allowed inside the school, but the students were remarkable. They were dancing so 'fluidly', it was hard to look away. It made me wish I continued my drama club experience back in the Philippines. 

As we were waiting for our bus stop at 76th Street, Fumika wanted to go to L'Occitane, a beauty botique from France.

 As soon as we entered the store, the staff offered us this pink lemonade. She was also so nice in the sense that she was recommending us places to visit in New York City.

 Cherry blossoms everywhere.

 After Fumika's quick small shopping at the boutique, we hopped on the M104 bus....

 ...and got off on 53rd Street to go to MoMA, or Museum of Modern Art.

Uniqlo's collaboration with MoMA!

 This is why I love Uniqlo.

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador DalĂ­.

Van Gogh.

This has grids and Bauhaus written all over it. 

Red and Blue Chair by Gerrit Rietveld.

 The epitome of pop art: Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans.

Yayoi Kusama.

I have no idea what this is supposed to be, but it definitely reminded me of Venom from Spiderman, which is totally ironic. You'll find out why as you read on.


Not surprised that Volkswagen supports MoMA. Their vintage advertisements are known for their modern style, with whitespace, rule of thirds, and all the other good stuff.

Now this part of our day was TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. When we left MoMA, near the block was a street filled with so many people and red balloons were everywhere. We went inside a random building and asked someone what was going on, and were informed that it was The Amazing Spider-Man 2's premiere. Which can only mean one thing: WE GET TO SEE THE CAST IN PERSON.

This kid is so ready to fight crime.

First time seeing an actual red carpet.

And here he is, Andrew Garfield / Peter Parker!! This was my first time seeing a Hollywood actor in person. Needless to say I was hyperventilating.

Jamie Foxx / Electro!

Can you guess who this is? The hat kinda gives it away.

 You guessed right! It's Pharell!

 I wasn't really sure why he was there, but I'm assuming he has a song on the soundtrack of the movie.

Another villain, Dane DeHaan / Green Goblin!

Green Goblin in a green suit. Makes sense.

It's Shaun Ross! I loved him in Beyoncé's music video for Pretty Hurts! But I'm not sure why he's there either.

And of course, EMMA STONE! A.K.A. Gwen Stacy.

 She's looking straight into my camera with that smile!! Can she get any cuter than this?!

Right after I took this photo, I was panicking while at the same time asking her if we could take a photo with her.


Emma in all her glory. I'm so starstruck.

This day couldn't get any better. Thank you universe for planning to make this all happen. New York City is truly full of surprises.

It's amazing how they closed down one whole street for this.

After we stood there for what seemed like hours (totally worth it), we were off to look for a place to eat for dinner. We came across this and reminded us of the same sculpture in Shinjuku.

We were too tired to look for a good restaurant so we just settled for Chipotle. *remembers the Chipotle kid Vine*

Spectacular way to end our 2nd day in NYC. New York is definitely on a roll, stealing most of my 'firsts' in just 2 days. The city has so much to offer, and it has got me so pumped up and ready for the next 3 days! Bring it on, NYC!


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