I have been wanting to do a photo shoot with one of my really close friends, Ayane, way before I left Tokyo for Toronto. So when she asked me if I can be her photographer for a day while I'm home for the summer, I agreed with no hesitation. And really, when you have a friend this pretty and photogenic, how is it possible to say no?

We were indecisive of where our photo shoot location should be, so we just went with wherever the wind took us. So thankful that Yoyogi Park, Harajuku, and Shibuya were just walking distance from where we were!

After this shot, we realized that the setting didn't really fit with what Ayane was wearing, so we started heading our way to Harajuku.

Looks like a photo from an H&M advert, doesn't it? Ironically, Ayane has been working part-time at H&M for almost a year now. Maybe that's how she got her model poses!

Tokyo is yours.

"Whatcha lookin' at, bruh?"
This shot was inspired by the photo shoot I did with my friend in Canada, Sarah.

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

Starting to get that Golden Hour shine.

Cap, white V-neck shirt, and shorts all from none other than H&M.

Botanical prints are all the rage in men's fashion this season. While prints and patterns themselves are huge in spring, florals still take the lead. From high-end designer (Dries Van Noten) to high-street (Topman), it's no doubt that you'll see them everywhere. I myself have purchased tons of botanical-printed clothing, from caps to bottoms.

This is easily one of my favorite shots from the shoot. I'm all about natural posing. There's something about candid shots that are just authentic and genuine.

I'm planning on creating a lookbook for botanical prints on my blog soon so watch out for that!

Statement necklace courtesy of H&M.

Basically sacrificed our lives to get this shot.

It was starting to get dark so we had to end our photo shoot here, and started walking to Shibuya. It was definitely a Saturday well spent with this pretty girl! More photo shoots coming soon so stay tuned!


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