Summer Picnic

Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Japan's rainy season: hot and dry one second, flooding the streets next. So when you get a warm and perfect weather like today's, that instantly calls for a picnic/sunbathing at one of Tokyo's largest city parks! Kayo and I tried inviting our other friends to come as well, but since their summer vacation hasn't started yet, they all had to go to school. But that didn't stop me and Kayo from carrying on with our picnic. We brought out our shades, put on our tank tops and basically dressed in the most summer-esque outfits we could wear.

It was also one of those escape-from-the-city kind of days. Once in a while, you'd want to run away from the repetitive 9-5 routine, especially in a congested city like Tokyo. In my six years of living in Japan, my definition of 'hanging out' was either shopping, taking purikuras, or singing in karaoke boxes. Believe it or not, this was only my second time going on a picnic. This day made me realize that I was actually missing out on simple pleasures like this.


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