Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs

A quiet, secluded area located along the shoreline of Lake Ontario, the Scarborough Bluffs is an escarpment that overlooks the beach and is good for nature walks and picnics. It forms much of the eastern portion of Toronto's waterfront, and is definitely one of those places that make you forget you're in the city. 

The original plan was to go on a photo walk with 3 of the people I'm closest with in my program—Sarah, Sasha, and Nicole—but due to conflicts in Sasha and Nicole's schedules, only Sarah and I were available. Nonetheless we still decided to go to scout the area so that we'd be familiar with the place when we go with the rest of the group next time.

It was a little bit of a drag to get to the Bluffs without a car (paging Nicole: Please drive us next time!) We had to take the subway all the way to Kennedy and take the number 12 bus to Chine Drive. From there, it was approximately a 15-minute walk to the spot shown in the next photo.

The walk was well worth it though. Just look at that gradient in the trees!

One of my favourite people to go on escapades with. I'm so lucky to have a friend that has such an adventurous spirit—and who can take good photos, too!

This was after she took her "What's in My Purse: Photographer Edition" photo. The struggles of a photographer.

As we were just about to start our hike, Sarah suddenly stopped walking and said, "This is a great spot to take your OOTD photos." It's as if she instantly read what was on my mind. This is why I love having her as my photographer!

It's a 300-feet drop if you fall from the cliff, but danger is our middle name. #YOLO

Worth ignoring the 'Danger' sign.

Sarah doesn't like having her photo taken. But when she's with me, she has no choice.

This has got to be one of the prettiest photos that I've taken of her.

It's officially fall.

This dog appeared out of nowhere and started running towards me...

...and stared at me as if it wanted its photo to be taken!

Climbing this steep slope was a workout.

This view slightly reminds me of the iconic view of the Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto during the fall season.

Doggy came out to play again!

As we were walking down the trail, one of the visitors in the park started conversing with Sarah, so I took photos of his beautiful dog. So many pups in the park!

At this point, the sky was getting darker by the minute and my inner horror fanatic was causing me to imagine things. "What if we get stuck here like those college students in The Blair Witch Project? What if Twisty the Clown comes out of nowhere and starts stabbing us?" So we started walking back towards where we came from. We were offered a ride to the station by the dog owner, but if there's anything that our parents taught us, it's to never go with strangers.

A Saturday well spent with hikes, cameras, and a friend. Due to the tremendous size of Scarborough Bluffs and the time constraint, Sarah and I weren't able to see everything. We only went to the top of the cliffs, so we plan to go to the bottom (where the beach is) when we go again next time with Sasha and Nicole. I can't wait to go back to that beautiful scenery. It's without doubt a recommendation if you want to switch it up a bit from the busy city of Toronto.


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