New York: Christmas and New Year's

New York City

My first post of the year and it's about my favorite city in the world. This year is off to a great start!

If you follow me on Instagram (@kentsujimoto), you would know that I spent my holidays in New York City. A flight back to Japan during the Christmas season was just too expensive for a college student like myself, so my only other option was to visit my cousin in New York who I haven't seen in more than two years. Anything's better than spending Christmas and New Year's alone!

In a sense, being in NYC feels like being back home because of its similarities with Tokyo. They are both concrete jungles, filled with people who have fast-paced lifestyles. Nothing stops in this city; everything and everyone is always on the go. So much that the city took a toll on my body and I was left to spend New Year's Eve in bed. But I'm not complaining. Being able to ring in the new year in—let me say it one more time—my favorite city in the world comes down to being one of the best moments of 2014 for me.

It was a year ago when I started this blog. I made a point of taking as many photographs as I can to document my life and to share them here. It has been surprisingly rewarding to be able to capture memories that I wouldn't have captured otherwise, and to see people appreciate the effort that I put into this. I'm thankful that I have this blog that serves both as a creative outlet and a personal diary.

As I mentioned in one of my Instagram posts, for 2015, I plan to put my artistic energy into more projects and take on new goals to be a better creative. To start that resolution off, I put together a short film of what I have been up to during my 3-week trip to New York City.

I didn't expect to visit the Big Apple twice in the same year. The city never fails to exceed my expectations and it's even more enticing the second time around. I think it's quite apparent that my love for NYC will never die.


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